Monday, May 27, 2013

May 24, 2013

I got to the storehouse in a cab and Sister Woolf immediately gave me a good morning hug.

After all of the missionaries were gathered, we had prayer and went into the back to split off into groups so that we could tackle the large food order that had come in. When we get large food orders from the suppliers, we all split up and take on different duties, whether it be counting, organizing the food, or putting it on the storage shelves by hand or with the forklift (which Elder Woolf usually does.)

I helped with organizing and counting cases of products and also did a fair amount of lifting in putting the cases in their proper places within the warehouse. Some of it was heavy, but I did my absolute best.

The order took from 9 to about 11:30 to finish and then we had a small staff meeting and a few light snacks in the missionary break room where we talked about safety and other things. I got a few pictures.

After the staff meeting was over, I gave 60 temple cards away, as I am also very much into Family History and Temple Work; Sister Bly got 20 cards, Sister Woolf got 20 cards, and Elder Woolf got 20 cards.

Finally, before I left, I got pictures of Elder and Sister MacMahon, as it was their last Friday on their mission.

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