Friday, May 24, 2013

May 14, 2013

I arrived in a taxi around 8:15 and, after putting my stuff away in the break room, I recorded the data for the out of town orders in the official book listing; all of the information is very sacred and confidential.

There are also new missionaries being trained today; Elder and Sister Kearls and Sister Pilling. Sister Bly is also back from Edmonton and Elder Woolf, Sister Woolf, Sister Gallup, and Elder Gallup are also here today.

I helped Sister Bly fill two out of town orders and then I helped Sister Woolf and Sister Gallup get the cottage cheese and sour cream together for all of the out of town orders since certain products for said orders are collected and stored separately to prevent food from going bad.

I then cleaned several shelves until the shift was over.

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