Monday, May 6, 2013

April 13, 2013

Sister Bly very kindly dropped me off at the storehouse and then ended up going to Time Out for Women with her youngest daughter, as it was at Exhibition Park and sounded very appealing.

Anyway, I did some topping off of the shelves and then joined the Gallups and McMahon's for group prayer before continuing on with the topping off of shelves to make things look presentable for incoming patrons.

I then got some products from the warehouse to fill the lower shelves as patrons with children came in and I ended up having the opportunity to coach/teach two little children about stocking shelves; I was showing a little girl how to stock tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, jello puddings, and gelatin and while I was doing that, another little girl came and happily joined in the shelf stocking!

After the little kids and their parents left, I did some more shelf stocking and also helped two more patrons with their food orders.

At the end of the morning, McMahons very kindly gave me a ride all the way back to my west side house!

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