Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

During the taxi ride from my house, the driver and I talked about missionaries and how cool/dedicated they are. I told him that there are many types of missionaries all engaged in the work of the Lord and that there were also different types of missions to meet the various needs in different places around the world.

At the storehouse, it was Elder and Sister Gallup, Elder MacMahon (Sister MacMahon is in California for a short visit), and I and we quickly gathered for prayer. After prayer, I put on some gloves, checked the produce, and pared some roughed up leaves off of a few heads of lettuce and cabbage in the produce room.

It was around 10-10:30 that the storehouse suddenly had several patrons visit and the last patron arrived around noon; all left happy, satisfied, and felt cared for as far as I could see. In total, 14 patrons came in and we were all kept busy engaging in the work of the Lord, which is really awesome.

I enjoy the Spirit's continual presence at the storehouse and the feelings of Christ-like approval that I feel like I get whenever I am engaged in any of God's work, whether it be my volunteering, my calling, or my awesome part-time Church Service Mission. As the days pass, I am learning more and more about the essential nature of what I am doing and how others benefit from seeing Christ through my caring about them.

Each day, I also learn how appreciative I am of the Atonement and lessons on how to be a disciple of Christ.

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