Monday, May 6, 2013

May 4, 2013 - 2 Months Old

Since Sister Bly is away for a couple of weeks, I took a taxi from my house to the storehouse and ended up hanging out in Sister McMahon's car until Elder Woolf arrived with the keys. Once we got inside, the three of us had prayer and checked produce to make sure it was all right.

When 9:00 hit, we suddenly ended up with several patrons in the first 45 minutes and I did as much paperwork as I could while helping Sister McMahon and Elder Woolf help patrons fill their food orders.

After the patrons left, we had a period of quiet time, so I got products from the warehouse and topped and stocked the shelves so they looked more orderly.

Near the end of the morning,  more patrons suddenly arrived and I helped some of them; it was after noon by this time, but helping others takes priority over being on time for closing. The storehouse hours on Saturdays are 9 to 12, but sometimes people come at the last minute and that's okay. Anyway, Elder Woolf and Sister McMahon helped the other two patrons and everything ran smoothly.

Once the storehouse was officially closed for the day, I did some cleaning and then Sister McMahon was nice enough to take me downtown so I could catch the bus back to the west side.

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