Monday, May 6, 2013

March 5, 2013

I got to the building at 8 a.m. and hung out in the Field Office for 15 minutes before proceeding to the Storehouse area. I stocked shelves for a little bit until everyone else came in and got organized and then I participated in group prayer.

After group prayer, I helped the other service missionaries fill orders that were to be boxed up and sent to other locations. This was done by gathering the food from the shelves, putting it into bags that were in blue crates, labeling the bins with little tags and number sticks that designated the order being worked

Once the orders were done, I stocked shelves until it was time to go home and Sister Bly, a wonderful lady from Magrath who had been serving there quite a while and loved it to bits, mercifully offered to help me with transportation on Saturdays that she was scheduled so to save me the taxi fare from downtown.

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