Sunday, June 23, 2013

May 31, 2013

I cleaned one shelf before everyone else arrived for prayer. Since my taxi got caught at a busy train crossing, I arrived at the storehouse closer to 8:30, but I was still in a good mood.

After having prayer with the other missionaries, I cleaned another shelf and then stocked the shelves closest to the coolers and freezers.

Then, I had the pleasure of getting a lesson on how to mop without straining my back by Elder Woolf's mom, otherwise known as Jean Woolf; you put your right hand on the top of the mop and the left hand on the handle and if you're left handed, you do it the opposite way without using or straining your back at all.

At first, I found this method of mopping very awkward, but I quickly became used to doing it and I am grateful that both Sister Woolfs were very patient and encouraging while I was learning this new thing.

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