Friday, October 4, 2013

October 1, 2013

I arrived and weighed, bagged, and shelved a box of bananas for the out of town orders in the day and for patrons to take in the evening. After group prayer, I assisted Sister Woolf, Sister Kearls, Sister Pilling, Sister Bly, Elder Gallup, and Sister Gallup in filling the out of town orders.

At 10 a.m., all of the missionaries and staff members within the LDS Welfare Services complex gathered in the conference room to say goodbye to Elder Dunkam and Elder and Sister Eklund, all of whom had completed their terms of missionary service honorably. Brother Murray first gave a devotional featuring several scriptures in the Book of Mormon that highlighted service (Mosiah 4:19, Mosiah 2:17, and Mosiah 4:26).

After the devotional, all of the missionaries and staffers were invited to eat and be merry. I chose to take pictures with the departing missionaries because I served with them in the field office early in my mission.

It's always sad when missionaries are finished their terms of service, but blessings come to those who serve faithfully and diligently in whatever capacity they can.

As of this weekend, I am down to five months left until the end of my mission, as my release date is in March 2014 and I anticipate that I will be highly blessed for my faithfulness and dedication to the Lord's work.

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