Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014

Sister Bly very kindly picked me up at my house and brought me to the storehouse. Shortly after we arrived, we had prayer with Elder Kearl, Sister Kearl, and Elder Goodsell. We then got busy doing paperwork and helping patrons for an extended period of time before things got quiet again.

Around 11, Sister Bly and Sister Kearl summoned me into the break room and surprised me with a bit of a party that included food since it is my last Saturday serving at the storehouse as a missionary; Elder Kearl and Elder Goodsell were also there. Anyway, they had all got and signed a cute card for me and they also got me an amazing book authored by President Monson.

I also got a photo and said goodbye to Elder and Sister Kearl since my last day is Tuesday and they don't usually serve on Tuesdays unless they sub for someone else.
I will miss the mission, but the Lord only wanted me for a year and He truly knows best.

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