Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 24, 2013

Sister Bly picked me up and we got to the storehouse in about 20 minutes. We then had prayer with Sister Kearl, Elder Kearl, and Sister Pilling and I stocked shelves while they helped patrons and then I got to help patrons while they stocked shelves. I also dry mopped while Sister Pilling wet mopped.

In the evening, I was invited to a baptism of someone (a young woman named Wacey) I didn't really know via text with only 20 minutes notice. When I got to the church, I put my missionary tag back on and ended up helping Elder Baker and another elder give a small tour of the church to a young man named Bruce whom I had met in the parking lot on my way into the building.

As I sat watching the baptism, I started thinking that September 4th is my 6 month anniversary of my mission and it brought tears of joy and pride to my eyes; now, I will be able to tell my future posterity someday that their mom served an honorable mission and that they can give any type of service to the Lord at any time in their life and that will be good enough! I have heard people refer to my mission as half a mission and that hurts, but it's not half a mission to me; it's what the Lord wanted me to do when He needed me to do it.

I accepted this opportunity in faith and I will be blessed for acting in faith.

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