Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 10, 2013

Sister Bly picked me up at 8-ish and we got to the storehouse around 8:15; we then waited for Elder and Sister Woolf to come and unlock the doors since we didn't have keys and they did.

The four of us then had group prayer, I emptied the humidifier, and then I helped the Woolfs and Sister Bly stock some shelves.

Patrons did come in while we were there and we all got a chance to help people take care of filling their food orders; as we all helped the patrons fill their food orders, I noticed that they were all very grateful for the help, love, and compassion that we showed and also that we helped them to feel safe and welcome.

I also learned that we're not really supposed to be giving out things to the patrons that don't come from the storehouse; when I started in March, I would bring treats on Saturdays to give to the patrons who brought kids in or to anyone who wanted it, but I was told that if anyone were to get sick because of something I gave them, the Church was liable.

That's okay, though; I don't have to give material things to others to show my love. I can still give out hugs, kind words, and compassionate service to patrons who come in.

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