Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 - Humanitarian Service Opportunity!

I finally got to take part in helping High River today and I was born there in November of 1987 and lived there for the majority of my childhood (from age 0 to 9), so it meant a lot to be able to help there.

I decided to come out to Raymond and visit my parents and while I was out here, I made the wonderfully impulsive decision to join the Raymond Stake in service for the day. The bus left the Raymond Stake Center at 7 a.m., which meant getting up at 5:45 to be able to be ready on time, but that was okay with me.

When we arrived in High River, we had a bit of a view of some of the town and it's really an opportunity for growth and to gain strength from both the situation and each other. Even in this situation, joy can be found.

I remember being evacuated from my home during the flood of 1995, but I understand that it can't compare to what happened very recently. I commend all those who were affected, all those who are involved, and all those who were, are, and will be able to find strength in each other and in what they can to endure this refiner's fire.

Anyway, the bus went straight to the LDS Church there and dispersed into the teams that we had been  divided into during the bus ride up to High River. While the team leaders were briefed, the rest of us gathered our things and switched from our street shoes into boots and put on other personal protective equipment that we would need to successfully and safely help take care of the houses we were all assigned to.

Once we were all given assignments, we all got back on the bus and each group was dropped off at their various locations to get to work. We worked from 9 to 11:30 and then took a lunch break for about half an hour before going back to work until 3 p.m..

Some of what I saw was unbelievable, but it was not unrepairable; it may take a lot of time, effort, outside resources, and unity, but joy can always be found everywhere.

Even in times where everything seems to be overwhelming, can small things bring a light of hope...

If this tiny little drive-in can withstand and beat all odds, so can anyone and everyone. Don't lose hope!

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  1. Well done Heather. My name is Rob Yull. I lived in High River in the early 80's. I feel really bad for those folks right now. I live in Goderich,a bit smaller than High River. We had a tornado tear up our town 2yrs ago, I just wanted to tell you that the wave of volunteers like you and your buddies turned an insurmountable disaster into something our community could deal with. the people of High River have a tough road ahead,but they will pull through.Brightest blessings....Rob